Beethoven Sonata No. 8 in C Minor Op. 13 Pathétique, 1st Mov.

As the first couple chords are being played, I feel a sense of serenity, laying in clouds. As it progresses the I get this hippity-hoppity feeling. I zone out onto a rainy street, alone, at night. walking slowly, without a soul in sight. Suddenly a rainstorm picks up (2:14) and I am running frantically without knowing why. I spot a couple holding an umbrella treading lightly on my right. My focus zooms out of first person and suddenly onto the lovely couple. A massive burst of energy pops out of nowhere and the couple starts to fly. They fly through innumerable obstacles and then clouds. They open up from a lengthy fog and see vast green hillsides. They land on the apex of the highest hill and transform into lions where they sprint as fast as they can, through landscape after landscape. Everything suddenly vibrates and the images I see start to fade and dissipate into little dots. All is white and I am viewing myself at 3rd person again seeing I am just in the middle of nothingness. There is no sound except for the soft playing of the Pathetique.  All of the white suddenly shatters and I am falling through darkness perpetually. Music notes come and and fling across hitting me from all direction. They multiply and a huge vortex of notes hit me from everywhere. All of the notes then suddenly freezes in mid air and I feel a sense of relief for a couple seconds, until they start shaking violently again. I panic as each note explodes. As the coda finishes I re-awake onto my bed.


One thought on “Beethoven Sonata No. 8 in C Minor Op. 13 Pathétique, 1st Mov.

  1. Having played this song, I can definitely see where you’re coming from with this imagery! When I play this storm, I can totally feel like a rainstorm on some parts, and clouds on other parts!

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