I am going to change up my blog a bit and it won’t be about just solely talking about music experiences but just music in general.

Well anyway, we were reading Othello in class today, and I realized that Iago is successful in his vengeful plans through the use of misunderstandings.

I then thought of this song. If only everyone can see the world in an omniscient point of view, then misunderstandings would never exist. There wouldn’t be a world where invisible Iago’s could cause relationships to shift the wrong way. Though I dream of this world, it is impossible. However, I think the best way to combat misunderstandings is to not judge so fast. Always doubt what’s given until you’ve heard both sides.

There was a day where I was at a family reunion and someone brought up a story about a van crashing through a biking crew. The way my uncle’s told it made me hate the bikers and have sympathy for the van drivers. However, when I researched the situation even more.


I realized it wasn’t a robbery attempt, but simply just road rage. Both sides were at fault and it wasn’t just the biker’s fault for crowding around the van. In the beginning, I heard that one of the bikers was run over by the van and became paralyzed from the waist down. I had no sympathy in the beginning and hoped that he actually didn’t make it. I was ignorant of all the facts of the time and saw it through the narrow tunnel of my uncle’s perspective.

This being said, I believe if everyone doubted and see both sides or even multiple sides of stories then the world would be a better place.

Well, of course if this happened, Othello and other Shakespearean plays wouldn’t have had the glorious stories it has now. 😛


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