Blinded with Chaos

While listening to this song, I can imagine the chaos that is going through Othello’s mind as he tries to fathom the meanings of all the vices he conjures up in his own head as he listens to Iago. The few light airy parts of the song are the little parts of doubt that his sweet Desdemona could have done anything wrong, yet the strong emotions of jealousy and anger still over power all, as this song is mainly fast and violent. I believe this piece accurately describes Othello’s feeling’s at the moment. It is filled with so much fury that it is hard to hear the words of others, and is stuck in perpetual mindset of negativity.


2 thoughts on “Blinded with Chaos

  1. Hi Alan,
    I am glad that you found this song. It is very dramatic and emotional. It perfectly portrays Orthello’s mind. It just speaks out chaos. The music has so many things happening at once. I love the twist and turns of the video. It makes you wonder whats going to happen next! Continue finding great videos like this.

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