Idea Shining

Creativity. That is something that I love the most. It allows us to roam farther into the unknown and mystery of our minds. If we are lucky we might just find or even create something spectacular, a treasure in a vast, dim, ocean.

As I lay in bed, devouring the lines and lines of lyrics, I think. I always have these really neat ideas that could come into play; something that could change culture; something that could change tradition; something that could set precedent.

However… What use are these “neat ideas” if it is never implemented. If it never manages to crawl out of our imagination and into the world, then it’s just a lost cause. I imagine that in all the people in the world, including those in places we’ve never heard about, there is at least thousands who have great ideas but never implement them. Some don’t even attempt because it question’s the norm, where everyone thinks things are running smoothly already. “Don’t attempt to fix what’s not broken” they say.

I feel like the best solution to better culture and society (in small aspects like a small community to large aspects like an entire nation) is to have those with great ideas to not be afraid to question the semi-working functions and start driving through.

This mindset was sprinkled upon me when I was reading during “brainfuel” time in my English class, and now has sprouted as I listen to this song.

Though I give the advice, I, myself have to start working on this as well.


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