I was reading earlier ( http://99u.com/articles/7040/fix-bad-habits-insights-from-a-7-year-obsession ) that in order to form good habits such as becoming a morning person, you need to tackle them one at a time. I have always tried to fix every bad habit I have all at once, an I always end up in failure. Taking the whole load at once is just too much too handle will end up with you reverting back to old you.

I realized that I was doing it wrong the whole time. For example, if you want to wake up early in the morning, be an early jogger, and always cook a nice breakfast no matter how hard it is, then you have to learn each skill a month at a time. You have to learn each one, one at a time. Knowing this, I am currently trying to do the same. Start homework at four everyday, instead of my usual six o’ clock. Go to the gym right after school and finish by four. Wake up earlier than usual to be able shower before school.

Now that you got this down its time to go through the steps:

1. Set a conditioning period.
-During this period, you must use all your will to fight!

2. Strategically replace your biggest lost needs.
-For example, instead of thinking, I’m giving up all these foods, think I’m making a new top 10 list!

3. Begin with the start in mind.
-Lastly, you got to keep thinking each day like the first day. Ensure your motivation is just like the day you started.


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