Living on a Prayer

Uncertainty. It is an unnecessary barrier that we create in our minds. Of course it will always be there but it is our choice to make it either our barrier or just scenic view in our journey. I was reading this article ” ” and it sparked something in my head. Uncertainty “plagues every plan you hatch, and it eats away at any attempt for peace of mind”, but will only do so if you allow it. This article says we have to “embrace it and channel it” but only in the way of delegating jobs in terms of business.

I was thinking of moving this to another point in the spectrum. A broad one where it tackles the point of every decision we make. Just keep looking at the positive things that could happen, and you will be more likely to make that uncertainty happen. Don’t focus too much on the negatives, and also don’t think to much because the more you think, the more easier it is to think of negative things. Make it a short and quick thought of positives, and then initiate. As Hamlet says “conscience does make cowards of us all.”


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