Two Faces

“My words fly up, yet my thoughts remain below” – Claudius

Life is full of “two-faced people.” But how do we combat this? There will many occurrences in your life when someone tells you something but means another. Do we choose to be skeptical of everything said or to just trust.

The first choice may bear more safety, but it’ll be harder for you to be happy. Compliments will be harder to believe, when you are receiving help, you will think that they are trying to get something from you, and basically the whole world to you will be filled with stress and doubt. 

On the other hand, if we genuinely believe people, you are more likely to look at the world as a brighter place, where everyone trustworthy. However, this causes you to be easier to be manipulated. For example, a salesman could take advantage of your gullibility and scam you.

It seems each side gains one thing but loses another. But what do we do? Which side do we choose. You don’t have to. You can take both pieces of the pie. Just go in between and decide your own trust circles. Allow it to be easy to get in and stay in, but hard to enter once a person gets out of it.


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