In the end does it really matter?

Seeing the end of Hamlet made me think about one question.

“In the end, does it really matter?”

Eventually everyone who you know and don’t know at this time will die and all of their memories of this world disappear. What’s the point of doing all these things right now if you know you are going to forget about all of this once you die?

Well after about 1 minute of thinking I’ve found the answer. It’s for the experience of now, It’s for the pleasure of knowing you will make a difference in someone else’s world (for the better or even for the worse for you cynics), it’s for the journey of trying to absorb all the fruits the world has to offer. We know that it will all come to a blank end, so let’s just fill our brains with as much endorphin and dopamine as possible (naturally of course, or the other way if that’s how you roll).

So the moral of the story is Carpe Diem and just to keep thinking C’est la Vie


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