Staying productive

So during brainfuel I came across a twitter discussion in 2011. (

So Winter Break is almost here! But let’s not make it a two week time period where we deteriorate our brains! We should be using this time to stay ahead of the game. A plus side is that the Christmas mood will keep our vibes bright increasing our alertness and thus make it an even more productive experience.

How should we stay ahead of the game you might think? Well a quick  summary of the list is that we should read future chapters in our books, look for a potential job , exercise, planning a schedule( that you will stick to!), and most importantly CATCH UP ON SLEEP! Yes, I do mean it. Sleep. I know this may sound obvious, but most of us will still stay up late past 12 each night. Sleeping at 3 A.M and waking up at 1 P.M. does not count as good sleep because you miss out on breakfast and a bunch load of opportunities that you could be taking (6 Hours of potential if you start the day at 7 Am). What I mean by a good night sleep is sleeping at 10:30 the latest and waking up at 7:00 or 7:30.

Well, with this being said, HAVE A NICE WINTER BREAK!!!


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