Deep Passion

Over Winter Break I read through about the first four chapters of Frankenstein. Basically I ended at the part where Frankenstein was working day and night on the creature, just before the finished product. I saw how his deep passion for this “science” caused him to ignore the beauty of the outside world and even pushed him towards illness. To most people, this may seem like a foolish guy who is way out of line on his project.

However, to my eyes I see Victor Frankenstein as inspirational. I long to have that kind of passion towards any kind of subject. When I was younger, I would always draw, write stories and even make videos. But over time my motivation decreased as I was exposed to new fruits such as biking, playing instruments, and etc. Now my passions are very short-termed and I always pick something up and then drop it after a week. I want to get good at something so that when people hear my name, they’ll think “oh the one that’s good at ____” But no I’m just a person who does normal person things. Knowing this, on new years, I made a resolution for myself to develop more passion towards a subject of interest and excel in it to the best of my abilities.


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