A companion

All the creature wanted was a female companion, but Frankenstein refused to make him one. At this moment I thought that Frankenstein was being very selfish here. Just because of his own beliefs, he couldn’t bring himself to make the creature a companion. The creature specifically said that he would be off on his way as long as Frankenstein did this. Frankenstein had no empathy at all. Didn’t he too want Elizabeth? No one likes being alone.

This made me think of what a lonely life the creature must have lived and actually made me worry for the future as well. I thought to myself “what if I never find the right companion” and “what if I found the wrong one… or even worse found none!” I thought of the importance of having someone special. If I just lived alone, everything I would do, would just be for myself, and when I get old, everything I worked for would be shared with no one. That is a bit depressing to think about. That’s why I got mad at Frankenstein and felt that he deserved it when the creature took revenge.

So all in all, I learned that you should cherish every relationship you have and remember that you have a privileged life compared to the creature.


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