Art to a new level

So my innovation project is about creating a role playing game where you control the main character. Anyway, as I was watching the Photoshop tutorials to learn how to make my characters, I started thinking myself on how amazing technology has pushed us forward towards this new world where anything can be made “visually”. My YouTube videos ranged from making pixel art to making model-like people (On a side note, I decided to stick with pixel art for my game). But what captivated me was when I came across a tutorial on how to make the model-like people who are on the front page of magazines. They made each person flawless and not a point a out of touch. Where would technology take us in 50 years? A hundred years?  Will we be able to make perfect 3-D or 4-D models? Just a thought. Art has been transformed to a whole new level, and is exponentially growing.




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