Dancing Free

I was sitting in room 112, just pondering around in the silence while everyone else is reading. In that moment I thought to myself, “let’s do something fun with my brain”. The rules I preset for myself was to let go of reality and imagine colorful spontaneous things and let the transitions flow smoothly without any logical restraints. This basically meant, if I started out with a lion in a meadow sunbathing alone in the singing grass that goes on for miles and miles, it could transition into an airplane jet with horns blasting through night, without a second thought of asking “why?”. My mind was just “dancing free.” I stared at the text in my book and just completely let go. I think this went on for about 10 minutes straight, but it was just simply amazing. All the stress, responsibilities, and worries were relieved from my life for the short yet powerful moment. And when I came back into reality, it felt as if I had just came home after embarking on a long odyssey towards an unknown unknown filled with laughter and rainbows.

I think everyone should experience this freedom more often in their life. Its a great vacation that’s just inside your head! So if you are reading this, spread the word and also do this yourself and just let go for 10 minutes!


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